Dremel MultiPro II Rotary Tools

There are several rotary tool manufacturers on the market. EdgeTune has chosen Dremel (Craftsman):

  1. Dual ball bearing construction providing the most precise and concentric grinding stone alignment. (This design feature allows the finest edge surface and longest grinding stone life.)
  2. Excellent speed and smooth operation.
  3. Outstanding quality and service reputation.
  4. Replaceable motor brushes for longer life.
  5. Extensive accessory options...this tool does a lot more than just sharpen edges!

EdgeTune™ Pro II also works great with Black & Decker RTX rotary tools and is available as a bracket kit only if you already own a compatible rotary tool (ie, one that has a US threaded bezel for screw-on accessories like a flex shaft). Rotary power tools should be rated 25,000 RPM or higher.

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