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This EdgeTune™ Pro II kit tuning package is for do it yourselfers that already have a compatible tool (see FAQ #5).


Precision aluminum guide bracket
3 ceramic fine grinding stones
1 Alox med grinding stone
   (ref. Dremel 8193)
Permatex grinding compound
1 dressing stone
1 DMT diamond stone
1 Cratex gummi stone
4 Wintersteiger ski brake holders
Safety glasses
Edge marker pen

EdgeTune Pro II fits in the Dremel case, making a very portable kit

The corded Dremel 3000 and cordless Dremel 8200 series are our recommendations as the best rotory tools for this application:

  • Precision ball bearings with no "wobble" that causes striations, creating the sharpest edge and finest surface finish.
  • Variable speed setting provides minimal edge material removal and the smoothest operation.
  • Balanced, light weight makes it easier to use and fits the hand nicely.
  • Long life with a durable design, replaceable brushes. Combined with EdgeTune's stainless steel hardware, this tool will last a lifetime.

The best sources and greatest values for Dremels are: WalMart, Amazon, Lowes, Home Depot, and other worldwide outlets.

For more information, see FAQ #5

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