Ball bearings for a smooth, precise grind finish


Adjustment screws for precise grind height


  • Professional and complete quality offering...everything you need to hit the race course and slopes with very sharp, smooth edges.

  • Pays for itself within a few shop visits

  • One kit will tune the entire team, family and friends for years

  • Home tuning convenience vs. timely shop visits & delays

  • Quick and easy operation vs. laborious hand filing

  • Compliments a full shop tune w/ base flat grinds & hot wax 

  • Does a "quick tune" for touch-up and repair or a complete side edge tune

  • Works great as a "condo tuner" for last minute sharpening

  • Simple ski/snowboard special vices required

  • Automatic side wall planer

  • 2 kits includes a Dremel rotary tool system w/ hundreds of applications (like engraving)

  • Available without Dremel for lower cost kit if you already own a Dremel or compatible rotary tool
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