Grinding vs. Filing

Advantages of a ground edge vs. hand filing:

  1. Rotary grinding provides the sharpest edge, as it "throws" the material across the edge. Compare this to sharpening an axe; filing across the edge is much sharper than filing along the edge (like most hand tuners).
  2. Files leave a rough surface finish. EdgeTune Pro II's fine #600 grit ceramic stone leaves a smooth, shiny finish with very slight striations.
  3. Files remove significant edge material, reducing the life of the ski/board. EdgeTune Pro II removes only a few thousandths of an inch, saving edge material and extending the life of the skis/boards.
  4. The file or stone tends to "load up" or wear out quickly; EdgeTune Pro II´s grinding stones have an outstanding life. Dressing cleans and renews the grinding surface.
  5. The flat file or stone doesn´t conform to the side edge curvature of modern shape skis/boards. They only make contact on the very ends of the file or stone, making the tool ineffective; EdgeTune™ Pro II utilizes a rotary cylinder that follows the exact contour of the shaped edge.
  6. Hand filing is laborious and slow; EdgeTune™ Pro II is easy and fast.
  7. Grinding work hardens the edge slightly, which improves durability and stays sharper up 2X longer. This also saves time by reducing resharpening needs.
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