Sharpest edge. Mirror finish. Quick & Easy.

EdgeTune Pro II grinds an incredibly sharp ski/snowboard side edge quickly & easily

The #600 fine grit ceramic grinding stone removes less material than hand files for a smoother edge finish

Save your edges! EdgeTune Pro II removes significantly less side edge than all the other grinding machines. Why? Because EdgeTune has a fixed grind depth where you can set to the slightest skim cut, whereas all the spring-loaded machines will grind all your edge off if you are not careful. That is why their instructions state "Once started, KEEP MOVING"! Racers that sharpen often use EdgeTune to save the life of their $1,000 skis.

Over 3,000 kits shipped!
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EdgeTune Pro II is a professional grade Dremel grinding jig

Can't afford a $3,000 SnowGlide, $800 Discman or $600 RazorTune/Swix Evo?
EdgeTune™ Pro II is the answer, with outstanding performance at a fraction of the price!

Reviews and Testimonials

Best tool ever. The tool works so good and is just what I wanted. Thanks so much!!!
13 year old using his savings + Dad's Dremel
Your tool kicks ass. Nice job!!
PSIA Development Team
Greetings from Gstaad, Switzerland! I'm really pleased with the EdgeTune!! I'm skiing on late-in-the-day scraped off "Kunstschnee" and getting fantastic grip with confidence!! I'm thrilled! I showed my edges to a colleague who has a Carrot ($$$$), and he was well impressed!
Swiss Instructor
EdgeTune Pro II is the least expensive, easiest to use, fastest consumer ski edge sharpener. You can now experience what it's like to have factory sharp skis every day. Tuning once a weekend or even once a day is a snap -- and this tool saves a TON of money! Pays for itself in less than two months. You will love your sharp skis so much you can and will sharpen them every week!
Sideline Swap Independent review
What we here at CMSP really love about the EdgeTune product is its ease of use and portability. Conditions here at Cannon WILL go from soft turns in the morning to blue ice in the afternoon. We have needed a reliable, easy to use, and more importantly portable sharpener for years. The result is a consistently tuned edge, allowing us to safely work in all conditions, in just around 4 minutes. Patrols around the world should all have this product given its size, performance and results.
Gary Porter, National Ski Patrol Cannon Mt, NH
I am AMAZED with the results of the Edge Tune Pro! Within an hour of opening the box, I had sharpened four pairs of skis and felt like a master using it. Skis felt very sharp and performed well on the snow. The instructions were easy to follow, and tool inspires a lot of confidence! I would definitely recommend starting on your free skis, as the first few edges you do you may have to do a few times to get them right. Overall, very easy tool to use, it now takes me about five minutes to do a pair of skis whereas it took me nearly 30 minutes with a hand sharpener. 10/10 would recommend!
PSIA Instructor
I've been using your tuner religiously and my guys in Patrol have been enlightened.
National Ski Patrol Cannon Mt, NH
When we are trying to get 8-10 racers sorted between runs, these tools are brilliant
"Racing Coach"
I'm now able to achieve a near-perfect finish in one smooth pass... your tool is truly fantastic!
"Serious Tuner"
Holy smokes what a great product! I have been skiing for sixty years including a lot of racing in my youth. To tune my skis took hours of going from 600 grit all the down to 100 grit stones on the edges. This invention of yours is a wonder! Just two passes over my side edges and the job is done! The base I use my Swix stones to remove burrs at a 1 degree bevel angle. My edges are sharp as razors and any ice or hard pack in the way I simply cut through like butter. I am running Atomic GS skis at 188 cm. I ski over 150 days per year here in Colorado.

Thanks again for this product!
"Serious Skier"
I am a coach in the Midwest and the Edgetune arrived today. I took it out of the box watched the instructions and practiced down 1 side of 1 pair of skis twice. I have a steady hand and am sort of a perfectionist when it comes to tuning. If the angles are true 1 2 3 and you hold this the way you are supposed to there is no way to screw up an edge! I am shocked how sharp these skis are. Tonight I am also going to try a dab of valve polish as suggested for that mirror finish.... love the tool! This is the real deal.
Racing Coach
I'm very much enjoying the EdgeTune, very impressed with the concept and very nicely engineered.
"UK racer"
Re: sharpness -- Comparing the ground edge from your jig with the edge using just hand sharpening, with a set of DMT graduated grits in precision bevel jigs (side and base), and using the back of the fingernail sharpness test, your jig produces a significantly sharper edge - about the same as my Grindrite.

Re: accuracy -- Using an SVST bevel angle reading tool, your angle was spot on. We tested both edges of each ski -- no issues.

Re: ski performance -- As parts of the run had gotten chewed up enough that, at speed, one would lose contact with the surface (due to reaction forces), which would cause chatter...the ski, however, re-engaged with no issues. A ski with issues would have required emergency responses for recovery. Prior to this edge sharpening, I would not have trusted the skis for this test.
Experienced Race Tuner, Mammoth Mt, Ca.
I have been using your product for several months now. Game changer for me, 3 kids racing, you helped to buy me some time back.
EdgeTune Pro II user
Thanks for your great technical support. There is zero vibration now, and what a difference! Mirror finish results. This is going to work great, and I am very happy with it.
EdgeTune Pro II Racing Dad
We race on an artificial, outdoor surface called Dendix. It needs super-sharp edges. We typically sharpen after every race run by the side of the slope. Many people use the Discmann or similar. I stayed with manual for a few years, but then saw the results that some of the skiers were getting from one club who had bought several of your product. So I got one and have not looked back. I've done 100's of pairs of skis in the last year with it. It takes off the minimum amount of edge and even if a single pass of a hand file arguably takes off less, this tool is much more consistent and you end up taking off less edge overall. I thought I was an experienced manual edge-filer. But when starting to use this tool on skis that I had previously maintained by hand, this tool showed me that my hand-filing was not as accurate as I had thought it was.

We also race on snow and the fact that your product is so portable compared to the likes of the Snowglide is really important if you have to fly to the mountains. I did a comparison on my skis using the Snowglide and the EdgeTune. There was very little in it. Arguably the Snowglide was better, but not £1000 better. And probably not 100th of a second better.
UK Racer/Tuner
My kids have by far the sharpest skis on the mountain.
Racing Dad
I sharpened my edges on my Atomic race skis. Never before had so good edges. Fantastic! Thanks.
Sweden Racer
I'm a racing coach, and a fellow coach bought your EdgeTune that was easy to operate and provides a great finish to the edges. Thanks for a great product!
PSIA level 3 Racing Coach
I have been using the tool regularly since last season. I think it is a great innovation and it brings my tuning into the 21st century! My daughters are in U14 and U12 classes in the Rocky Mountain Division so I spend a lot of time on the tuning bench. The tool has certainly streamlined my work and I am very glad to be using it. Thanks again.
Racing Dad
A super simple thing with big impact!
Austria FIS tuner
Since yesterday my husband has sharpened 4 pairs of skis. He used his this morning, and cannot believe the difference - very impressed!
EdgeTune Pro UK user
I found the results stunning and fast!
[See Tuning Tips for full article...]
Tony Crespi, Deerfield Valley News
I am well into the ski tuning season and love my EdgeTune Pro.
Professional Tuner
I've been waiting for this for 20 years!
Dremel owner, tired from decades of hand filing
I bought one of your EdgeTune sharpeners and love it.
Instructor w/ 3 racing children
I received the kit and practiced on old skis. Nice.
Masters racer and former Ski Mechanic
I recently used my EdgeTune for the first time and it is fantastic. Easy to use and great results. I will be doing alot of tuning on my daughter's racing skis, and this tool makes the process easy.
Racing parent
Thanks for the great product.
Numerous EdgeTune users over the past 18+ years.
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