EdgeTune Pro grinds a very sharp ski edge quickly & easily with a ½° to 5° side bevel angle.

The #600 fine grit ceramic grinding stone removes less material than hand files for a smoother edge finish.

Now Shipping World-Wide at no additional charge (sorry, no Dremels; EdgeTune Pro is compatible with all international Dremels having a screw-on accessory collar)

  • Adjustment screws for a very precise grind height
Looking for the latest hand-held ceramic edge grinding tool, but can't afford a $3200 SnowGlide or an $800 DiscMan? EdgeTune Pro is the answer, with outstanding performance at a fraction of the price!


"My kids have by far the sharpest skis on the mountain."
Racing Dad Dec 2013
"I sharpened my edges on my Atomic race skis. Never before had so good edges. Fantastic! Thanks."
Sweden Racer Feb '13
"I'm a racing coach, and a fellow coach bought your EdgeTune that was easy to operate and provides a great finish to the edges. Thanks for a great product!"
PSIA level 3 Racing Coach Jan 2013
"I have been using the tool regularly since last season. I think it is a great innovation and it brings my tuning into the 21st century! My daughters are in U14 and U12 classes in the Rocky Mountain Division so I spend a lot of time on the tuning bench. The tool has certainly streamlined my work and I am very glad to be using it. Thanks again."
- Oct '12 Racing Dad
"A super simple thing with big impact!"
- Austria FIS tuner Dec 2011
"Since yesterday my husband has sharpened 4 pairs of skis. He used his this morning, and cannot believe the difference - very impressed!"
- EdgeTune Pro UK user, Oct 2011
"I found the results stunning and fast!"
[See Tuning Tips for full article...]
- Tony Crespi, Feb 2011 Deerfield Valley News
"I am well into the ski tuning season and love my EdgeTune Pro."
-Professional Tuner
Nov, 2010
"As a 25+ year instructor/race coach, I’ve logged 1000’s of hours tuning skis. Tuning race skis for highly competitive racers requires a high degree of precision, a lot of time and a great deal of expensive gear. While successfully tuning race skis for many years had made me very comfortable with my race proven methods, adding the EdgeTune to my toolbox was the best move I’ve ever made! The EdgeTune affordably allows me to rapidly produce a razor sharp, highly polished edge that is a proven winner on race day! While I have not yet thrown away all my expensive diamond files and bevel jigs, I haven’t felt the need to use them since I’ve seen the results of the EdgeTune ceramic edge tool."
-Robb Brodbeck
J3,4,5 Race Coach
Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort Race Team
"I've been waiting for this for 20 years!"
- Dremel owner, tired from decades of hand filing
"I bought one of your EdgeTune sharpeners and love it."
-Instructor w/ 3 racing children
"I received the kit and practiced on old skis. Nice."
- Masters racer and former Ski Mechanic
"I recently used my EdgeTune for the first time and it is fantastic. Easy to use and great results. I will be doing alot of tuning on my daughter's racing skis, and this tool makes the process easy."
- Racing parent
"Thanks for the great product."
- Numerous EdgeTune users over the past few years.
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